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Dr Anurag Awasthi - Orthopedics & Joint Surgery

Dr Deepika Tiwari -  Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Clinic Address

305, 3rd Floor Office, Arcadia, South City 2, Sector 49,  Near Sohna Road- Gurgaon (Gurugram), Haryana.

5 min drive from- Sohna Road (Sector 46, 47, 48, 49) & Golf Course Extension Road ( Sector 67, 68, 69, 70)

Clinic Opening Time: 10 AM - 7 PM (Monday to Saturday)

( Sundays Closed )




She's an amazing doctor ❤. I am blessed to have her as my doctor 😇. She understands and explain things so well. She's quite friendly n humble, so that one can share each n every problem of theirs'. Initially i was nervous but because of her efforts, things went smooth and i got blessed with a cute little healthy baby boy 👶 in May. She was there at the pandemic too whether on call, video call or physically 🙏. She's a lady with magical hands 🙌. Thank you so much mam for all your efforts n giving Ruansh safely in my hands 🙏👩‍👦. Love you alot 😘. May you always stay happy n healthy 🙏.

ravinder kaushik

Doctor Anurag Awasthy is quite affable .He listened to my heallh issue patiently and advised treatment for my lower back pain . I am satisfied with the treatment which was a combination of medicines and physiotherapy.He is a competent Doctor and his clinic is very clean and sanitised.

vandana vashishth

From the very first day I have consulted Dr Deepika Tiwari . Throughout the journey she has been source of positivity and motivation for me. Her heart warming smile and medical advices has given me strength. And true to her words she is always a call away and I'm extremely satisfied with the consultation and would recommend her to everyone...Thank you maa’m for concern you hav showed in all my 9 months journey and for the love and affection too.

sunaina tiwari

I like the way doctor explain everything to me and I feel atmosphere is friendly, treatment procedures everything explained to me. I will recommend doctor Awasthi

prabal agarwal

Deepika Mam was My wife’s Gyne for both her deliveries. We would highly recommend her. She is humble, supportive, polite with magical hands. Post delivery recovery was quick and painless. Deepika mam is amazing counsellor,she patiently listens all concerns and addresses those in detail until all are cleared. She always made sure to personally follow up over phone on regular intervals to make her patient comfortable and confident. She is always a phone call away. Thank you so much Mam for all your love and support you gave to Megha during both her pregnancies. We were very lucky to have you as our gyne

arindam som

Explains properly what has happened. Tries to know and understand lifestyle and activities to understand the origin of the problem. Provides great advice on how to lead lifestyle and what kind of activities to do in the future with proper medical explanation. He is very straightforward, simple and principled in his medical treatment approach.


Hello everyone…I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and all the credit goes to Dr Deepika Tiwari..The baby had a loop of chord around the neck but it was only because Deepika Mam gave strength to our family that I was able to have a normal delivery…the way she handled my case was excellent…she was available any time of the day to answer any queries even on a phone call…made me feel like her little sister…whenever we visited her she always came out of her cabin to meet my parents…never suggested unnecessary test.. in all she was like an angel for our family..Thank you so much Mam


It was through a physiotherapist friend that I got a reference of Dr. Anurag Awasthi. My case was complicated as I had a serious elbow fracture and I have to undergo surgery within 24 hours in my hometown Agra. I had to wear plaster for more than a month which lead to my hand becoming stiff, lacking frequent mobility. I consulted different doctors in Agra and everyone suggested another surgery however we were not quite convinced with the explanations. That’s when we got reference for Dr. Anurag Awasthi and the next day we took is appointment and travelled to Gurgaon. He was calm and explained in detail the current situation of the elbow and what will happen after surgery. We liked his approach and we agreed and the surgery happened on 29th Sep’16 in Artemis Hospital. My recovery was phenomenal, as within the week I could open my elbow more than I could open before. I also stopped medications after 10 days of my surgery. My physiotherapy started immediately after removal of my plaster (by Dr. Naqeeb Khan) and that has caused tremendous change in my elbow movement. I am glad I came across Dr. Awasthi as it’s not only difficult but rare to find great orthopedic surgeon


Thank you so much Dr. Awasthi for taking care of my mother Mrs. Ramrati Ahlawat and helping her in speedy recovery post Total Knee Replacement surgery. We had so many doubts about her condition but you helped clear all our doubts and also made us analyse her recovery stages well. Not just pre hospitalization and during hospitalization but you have met the patient and helped post hospitalization as well. I'm quite grateful to have you as my doctor. Thanks a ton. God bless you :


We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Deepika Tiwari. During my wife's pregnancy we found that Dr. Deepika Tiwari is the best Gynecologist in Gurgaon. I will really thank her the way she handled my wife's pregnancy having some complications. Also the medical care she has given to my wife after Cesarian delivery was awesome


Absolute angel and such a humble man, he had done knee replacement for my mother, commendable results and it's been 2 fantastic pain free years for her, our sincere thanks to him and would highly recommend him


A special thanks to my gynaecologist, Dr. Deepika Tiwari for being so amazing throughout my pregnancy, to be honest, I have not been the easiest patient!! I am frightful and ask way too many questions. She answered all my questions in great detail and with tremendous patience. From advice ranging from medical to lifestyle to hints and tips, Dr Deepika was always available to help and share. She is personable, compassionate, and extremely thorough in her approach to medicine and her speciality in gynecology. Its a joy to know you. May you be blessed forever. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a superior gynaecologist.


Dr anurag treat us as family members, he gently understood all the parameters and suggest best possible solution for the problem. Thanks Dr anurag for the suprab result in both KNEE replacement .He is the best KNEE surgeon in NCR.


A very good orthopedist with excellent personality . I like his method of diagnosis and mode of treatment. My wife's right knee arthroscopy was successfully done by him . Our good wishes always go with him ! 



I am extremely glad to have come across Dr. Anurag Awasthi. I had a knee ligament injury and after approaching him, all the fear is gone. It become a pleasant experience when i undergo the surgery. He is that kind of Doctor who guides you throughout the treatment and will answer all your questions very patiently. I am very impressed with the way he is helping me throughout my treatment. You can trust him blindly. Thank you so much Doctor!!


Dr. Deepika Tiwari is one of the rarely found doctors in today's world and I really appreciate the way she handles my wife's concern. She hears out the concern of the patient very well and found her extremely supportive during the consulting sessions. Thank you, Doctor :)


Dr. Deepika Tiwari is the best Gynaecologist & Pregnancy doctor in gurgaon. She listens to patients carefully and always give best advice. She is very polite and friendly in nature and always care patients like a family member.


Thank you so much Dr. Tiwari for treating me so well. No one matches your level of being so polite, friendly, courteous and connects emotionally so well yet being so professional. Me and family we still talk about you. 


We visited for our third attempt after two mishaps in life. In pregnancy the most important thing is guidance, positive attitude. Despite of too many complications Dr Deepika guided me and my wife properly in a very positive way with her sweet gesture. Finally we won the battle got our baby girl delivered by her in such a positive way that I am really grateful to her. Thank you mam for being a very good friend, philosopher and guide of us


It was my first visit to the doctor for pregnancy checkup. She guided us in detail what are the next tests or procedures to follow, what should be the diet for to be mother. Also she recommended only the needed tests rather than recommending so many tests which are not needed now.


Dr Deepika Tiwari is the best doctor I have ever met. I am really thankful to her the way she handled my pregnancy there were many issue with my pregnancy, however she always gave me positive consultation and made me feel happy and stronger. Now I am blessed with a baby girl last month. She is one with positive attitude towards everything and makes her patients comfortable. It doesn’t matter to her if it’s a day or night she is always there whe never her patients need her (There were times when she came to hospital in mid night to visit me). My mom in law is very impressed and thankful to her. We have recommend Dr Deepika to my sister in law as well…. Thank you soooooo much Dr. for all the luv and care


Excellent doctor (Dr Anurag Awasthi). My wrist was broken in four pieces and he performed such a complex surgery and made it perfect. During hospitalization and post visits also he gives proper time and explanation and not like most money minting doctors. Thanks a lot to him.


I would like to rate my experience 10 out of 10 for the total hip replacement surgery by Doctor Anurag Avasthi. He is best in the business , very professional , friendly and overall a great human being. He has been available for me all the times even when i was abroad. He studied my case very well even when i was not in india and was in contact through whatsapp. Overall very well planned surgery looking at the time limitations i had and not to forget the quality of surgery and the service offered.


Dr. Anurag Awasthi has super speciality in Knee replacement. My father undergo both knee replacement surgery and the result in terms of mobility & flexibility is great. His advice is very open and to the point. He treated like a friend. Thanks Dr Anurag